San Antonio Electric Scooter Tour To The Japanese Tea Garden

While zipping around San Antonio on your electric scooter, your guide will teach you about the city's incredible history and its local food, art, culture, night life and unique events. This tour covers 10 miles of discovery, exploring the renovated Pearl Brewery, passing through the stunning Brackenridge Park, and enjoying the serene beauty of San Antonio's hidden gem: The Japanese Tea Garden.

Explore outside of downtown to discover more San Antonio. This tour will have you visit Alamo Plaza, cruise down vibrant Broadway, discover hot local restaurants, enjoy the magnificent Museum Reach River-walk, fall in love with the Pearl Brewery and explore the amenities, ride past the Brackenridge golf course, zip around the beautiful Brackenridge Park, pass by the Zoo, and marvel at San Antonio's hidden gem: The Japanese Tea Garden. The garden will take your breath away with its gorgeous lily pond, filled with dozens of huge golden coy fish, surrounded by original Japanese stone architecture, and featuring a stunning waterfall!

This tour is safe and family friendly. If you can ride a bike, you will be zipping on a scooter in no time. Helmets, knee-pads (optional), a water bottle, sunscreen and locker access are all included.

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