San Antonio Panic Room is the original escape room in Texas and the best escape game experience in San Antonio. As a part of the Texas Panic Room family, San Antonio Panic Room is perfect for families, friends, parties and coworkers. The idea is simple. You and a group of friends or fellow coworkers are locked in a room, and you have 60 minutes to escape. How? By solving a series of puzzles using your deduction skills, teamwork abilities and clues found throughout the room! With an average escape rate of 30%, are you ready to take on the challenge?

San Antonio Panic Room provides the finest live-escape game experience for families, friends and coworkers. All of the games are created in-house, and they provide a kind of fun that you have not experienced before. None of the rooms are scary; instead, they are designed to test your creativity, wit, and teamwork. The current escape rate is about 30%, which means 70% of the people do not escape the room.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking for instructions. You will be in the room for an hour; you'll be fully immersed in a thrilling and extremely fun adventure. After the game, spend another 15 minutes debriefing and photo-taking.

This booking is for our Cabin Room, and here is your challenge: A fierce blizzard has hit your secluded ski resort. So much for that relaxing trip.

Caught in the snow, you and your friends were forced to take shelter in a nearby cabin. But beware! The old wooden structure can only stand the brunt of the storm for so long. Can you find a way to save yourself and your companions? Or, will you succumb to the fury of the blizzard?

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