Best Restaurants in San Antonio

Best Restaurants in San Antonio
K C June 15, 2017

San Antonio is a city flourishing with a large number of restaurants, featuring some of the best chefs in the country.

These restaurants boasts an array of unique dishes prepared from locally sourced produce, presented in such a creative way that you’ll rejoice every bite of it!

Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in San Antonio that are guaranteed to leave you wanting more:


This Peruvian restaurant is an infusion of Asian and South American cuisine, which is unlike anything you will find at the Pearl or even in San Antonio. It is a perfect place to go on a date or just for a fun evening out where you can have meals that won’t be too heavy on your pocket. You can go enjoy scrumptious sushi or enjoy flavorsome traditional cocktails. You might have to book a table in advance at the hottest restaurant in the Pearl known for its unbeatable ambiance and flavors that will rock your world! 

The Fig Tree

At the Fig Tree, you have the option to dine in the cozy indoor environment or an outdoor terrace where you can sit and enjoy under the impeccable trees. The crisp linen drapes on the tables with the sparkling crystal water right beside it will leave you in awe with the stunning surrounding. Some of the signature dishes include Cardamom-crusted Lamb Rack, Tournedos Rossini with Perigourdine Sauce and Cold Water Australian Lobster. Its unique location away from the hustle and bustle of the city gives it a feeling of atmospheric bliss, making it one of the best restaurants in San Antonio.


This restaurant came up with a challenging idea of changing the menu every 45 days as they innovate and combine favors. They are trying to show the glory of over 500 years of Mexican history with their multicourse tasting menu. The chefs love to do everything on their own from making tortillas from corn or roasting their own cocoa beans for chocolate! It is a splendid tour of Mexican gastronomy and ranks among the best restaurants in San Antonio.


Sustenio is the best place for a mouthwatering meal where you can take your pick of beer, wine or other beverages and pair it with dishes from their experimental Texas menu. This is heaven for a cheese lover as you can find a unique pairing of pimento cheese with chile-dusted chicharrones! Other star dishes include the honey fried chicken and Gulf coast snapper and loads of other varieties, so you will have to walk your way through the selection.


The flagship restaurant at Hotel Emma is the place you should go to devour good food paired in a friendly environment. The chef, John Brand, is exceptionally creative with the menu keeping in view what’s in for the season. You can either have a Scottish egg or a luscious burger with all dishes being well-composed and finely balanced. Every single dish showcases something special.

Dining at any of these unmatched fine restaurants will be a delectable experience you wouldn’t want to miss if you are in this city!

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