Top 10 Things to Do In San Antonio

Top 10 Things to Do In San Antonio
SanAntonoDotCom Staff June 18, 2017

San Antonio is loaded with popular tourist attractions and people from all over the world come to enjoy what the city has to offer.

If you are looking for fun and exciting things to do while you are in San Antonio, this list will be your guide for making the most of this exciting city.

The River Walk

It's a network of walkways along the banks of San Antonio River where you can walk, shop, dine and enjoy the mystic urban waterway. It is also sometimes referred to as the American Venice as the distinct flavors of mystic America, Old Mexico and Wild West are beautifully blended in this modern city.

The Alamo

A visit to San Antonio is incomplete without visiting The Alamo, which will be a treat if you are an American history lover. It can easily be reached from the Interstate freeway system surrounding the city. Despite going through numerous incarnations, the Alamo stands as grand as ever.

Mission San Jose

It's a Catholic mission located in Texas, which preserves four out of the five Spanish frontier missions. The breathtaking interior will captivate you no matter which religion you belong to. It's the perfect example of the value of preservation of the past for the sake of future.

San Fernando De Bexar Cathedral

Facing the city's main plaza, it is the oldest religious community of Texas. The main highlight includes the Alamo Coffin, which is said to hold the remains of the revolution soldiers. The Gold gilded alter and intricately stained glass windows make it a sight to behold.

San Antonio River

A major waterway originating from central Texas, the San Antonio River was formed by a hundred large springs in a beautiful valley. Very few cities have such a spectacular view of the majestic river on which you can choose to enjoy a river taxi or boat while devouring a delicious meal.

Natural Bridge Wildlife

The Natural Bridge Wildlife is your chance to embark on an extraordinary wildlife experience where the tour starts and ends within the comfort of your car! Once you are done exploring the ranch, you can head over to the Safari Camp Grill that has everything your taste buds crave for. This African-style safari is perfect for an amazing day out with the family.

Majestic Theatre

It's the oldest and largest atmospheric theater in the city that premieres performing arts shows and has over 2000 seats. More than 200 events take place in this theatre every year, from concerts featuring famous artists like Bryan Adams and Diana Ross to Broadway classics like The Lion King.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Here you can find adventure in every corner. You can go on the discovery tour, explore the hidden passage tours or talk to the skies as you ascend the canopy challenge. There is also a fun outdoor maze and an old-fashioned mining company where you can look for gems and treasures and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. More

McNay Art Museum

It's the first modern art museum in Texas specializing in 19th and 20th century American and European art. It's located almost 5 miles away from downtown and has over 20,000 pieces of art including theater art, paintings, sculptures and photographs.

San Antonio Botanical Garden

At the heart of San Antonio, there is a place where you can get a close encounter with the world of plants native to Texas. You can explore the Lucile Halsell Conservatory. It is home to many seasonal events, classes, camps and exhibitions all year round. For those who appreciate greenery, it has numerous gardens and buildings that will make you enjoy every second spent there.

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