BARE by Karma Sutton

Bare By Karma Sutton

All Natural Handmade Skin Care Products

BARE by Karma Sutton was founded by Karma Sutton a former makeup artist located in Texas. Karma Sutton began her career as a freelance makeup artist who would work with many clients ranging from weddings to film. Karma Sutton then founded a makeup team called Divine Goddess Artistry that consisted of a team of makeup artists and makeup assistants who would provide services to many clientele. After 5 years in the industry, Karma retired as a makeup artist and decided to focus on the root of many people’s skin issues which was skin care. She noticed that many of those who seeked makeup services had skin care questions related to breakouts, dark spots and more. Karma knew a lot of these problems came from improper use of products and the harsh chemicals that were in many name brands. She then began to focus on creating natural products that can be used on both the face and body and can aide in fixing skin problems without the harsh chemicals. BARE by Karma Sutton was created to give people the most natural skin care products possible along with obtaining beautifully looking skin. The line consists of various soaps, scrubs, lotions and cleansers that contain all natural ingredients. The line is also catered to the consumer specific skin type because Karma Sutton does not believe in the one-size fits all rule. BARE by Karma Sutton hopes to bring forth the natural beauty in its consumers and give them a breath of fresh air knowing a product is targeting all personal skin imperfections.

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