Bmi Of Texas

Bariatric Medical Institute of Texas™ is dedicated to providing excellent care through a multi-disciplinary program that engages patients as full partners in their healthcare.

At BMI of Texas, you will find leading San Antonio bariatric surgery experts who place patient care at the top of their priority list. Achieving great results for our patients is the primary concern at our weight loss surgery San Antonio clinic, and everything we do revolves around that goal. We have put together an effective team to provide you with everything you need to enjoy long term success. We know that the best results are achieved with a multi-disciplinary approach, and at BMI of Texas you will have everything that you need to reach your weight loss goals.

We also understand that weight loss surgery is not for everyone so we also offer a non-surgical weight loss program led by a Board Certified Bariatrician, Dr. Jenny Seger.

We also provide general nutrition counseling and personalized appointments.

When researching for weight loss options and improving your health, consider BMI of Texas and call for an appointment today!