Breakaway Practice

Our goal at Breakaway is to simplify the process of growing a practice and bring an increasing level of profitability to the dental practices that partner with us.

The Breakaway Practice team completes the work needed to implement complex practice management systems in dental offices, ranging from one-on-one staff training and auditing on live patients, answering phones for practices, filling schedules from unscheduled treatment lists, cleaning up accounts receivables, to almost all of the work needed to actually locate and build an successful startup practice. Whereas most dental consultants aren’t dentists and have a library of manuals and products they give a dental office to implement under the consultant’s moderate oversight, Breakaway Practice takes a much stronger hands-on approach.

Breakaway is dentist-run and actually implements and manages the systems FOR the dental practice. The Breakaway Practice Team implements change and does the ongoing work, freeing the dental office from the burdens of training and managing implementation. Not only does Breakaway Practice help grow practices across the country, but the founder’s own private dental practice group relies heavily on the support services offered by Breakaway Practice. Thus Breakaway practices what it preaches. Breakaway is redefining practice success and changing the dental industry..

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