In 1932 Newt Casbeer built Casbeers and the surrounding strip center in San Antonio. Casbeers was only a full service bar until the early '60s.

When Newt Casbeer's daughter started serving up enchiladas, it was then that Casbeers became a bar and restaurant offering a full menu of hamburgers, steaks, sandwiches and of course enchiladas. Several nights a week the San Antonio bar and restaurant also plays host to regional live music from local singer and songwriter musicians. Casbeers is a San Antonio local bar staple that can't be missed.

This Tex Mex Grill offers only the finest meats and freshest vegetables. From the nation’s best packers and growers find their way into our kitchen. Our FAMOUS Enchiladas are made fresh daily, topped with our savory chill, fresh shredded Cheddar cheese and onions, cooked to perfection in true South Texas tradition for you by Chef/Owner Richard Naylor, founder of RiX Restaurants, and served to you piping hot and BUBBLY!

Established in 1932, Casbeer’s Center has been a cornerstone for the Beaken Hill neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas. Casbeer's was originally a small neighborhood bar and was made famous by the addition of a grill and ovens for cooking original flavored and piping hot chili and cheese covered enchiladas.


Unless you knew about Casbeers, you wouldn't bother stopping to park in front of its decaying, yesteryear strip center facade. But in spite of its homely exterior, this is, indeed, a special place. The interior sprawls out under a low ceiling with funky old fans spinning what appear to be tires, while a in the back, a single kitchen worker pounds out orders for Casbeers delicious enchiladas -- a must. On most nights, a band spins out a web of music for all walks of life on the corner-tucked stage. Expect to hear anything from local songwriters trying out new pieces to music legends playing for one intimate evening.