Enviro-Master of San Antonio

Enviro Master Of San Antonio

Enviro-Master’s trained technicians work in conjunction with our customers’ employees or janitorial company to literally do what they can’t.

Enviro-Master of San Antonio’s CEO and Founder, Pat Swisher, has over 25 years of experience in restroom cleaning services which allows this company to be a leader in the hygiene industry.

As a company, Enviro-Master of San Antonio is leader in the hygiene industry dedicated to providing restroom cleaning services and products for public restrooms everywhere. We differentiate ourselves from janitorial companies by focusing on preventing the spread of disease and odors while creating cleaner and healthier facilities that janitorial companies just can’t do on their own. Enviro-Master of San Antonio also augments services by supplying soap, paper and cleaning products at such low pricing that it often offsets the cost of our services. Our high-level services that significantly enhance any business’ image, plus our budget-friendly value, give Enviro-Master of San Antonio’s restroom cleaning services an undeniable appeal.

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