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Tips for King William Historic District

Zoned as the state's first historic district, in the late 1800's this 25-block area near downtown was settled by prominent German merchants and was the most elegant residential area in the city.

- Joel Valdez

Really beautiful area. Lots of events go on down here and it's a great place to explore.

- Clay Chastain

Take the river path south on nueva through King William and down to blue star art complex for a beautiful walk or bike ride along a peaceful part of the river... Plenty secluded spots to read/write

- Jen Martinez

'First Fridays' was a blast and everyone was very friendly. The neighborhood was alive with a positive energy and has a southern charm. I love this place!

- Bill Fox

Riverwalk was a perfect place to jog, early Sunday morning and the homes are breath taking. Its a great place to walk our dog. People are wonderful, dog friendly & courteous in this neighborhood.

- Bill Fox

King William Historic District

The bikes are so beautiful, And there are so many people on bikes riding at night with there colorful florescent lighted bikes

- Santa Cervantez

Great neighborhood to explore beautiful homes great restaurants and hidden pubs

- Mario Giacalone

Always love this area beautiful homes great restaurants

- Mario Giacalone

Pedestrian friendly area with an abundance of places to visit within walking distance.

- Ruth Horace

at CEO & Pres. John & Susan Likovich Christmas Party.Always a great experience.

- Horst Hansen

Enjoy a walk or run in beautiful historic part of SA.

- Sergio Trujillo

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