Tips for Mission Concepción

All the Mission parks close at 5 even on weekends so if you're thinking of doing the Mission Trails, you have to start early.

- Eilla

Arguably the most beautiful mission, Concepcion looks much like it did almost three centuries ago.

- Joel Valdez

Prayed a lot on my visit here. I love the missions. makes me proud to be catholic!

- Joanna

visit the sunday mass, its very enlightening!

- Carmelo Jimenez

Smaller than Mission San Jose but the interior is still intact in a few places and nice to see some of the original colours.

- Priya Tungrus

Restored in 2010, you can see a small example of what the original inside looked like on the top right side wall.

- Davidius Maximus

Coolest church of all the missions. Take a walk inside and look at the beautiful interior.

- John Hankus

Check out the drawing if a boat above the wooden "loft" are.

- Ashley

Ask about the mission's link to pirates!

- Tanya A

Dog friendly

- Rick Morgan

This is on a Natl Park Service trail from downtown San Antonio, but it's a lousy hike along city streets that don't even always have sidewalks. I can't recommend it, except as an ascetic pilgrimage.

- Jon Boyd

Best preserved of the local missions.

- Timothy Möhle

Mission Concepción

This handsome church looks essentially as it did more than 200 years ago in 1731. Religious festivals were held as friars strove to replace traditional Native American rituals with Christian ideals.

- Visit San Antonio

Nice place to see, historic!

- Ayaros Au

Beautiful mission

- Mario Giacalone

Beautiful and well maintained sanctuary. Just have to remember it's still an active church.

- Brandon Bellamy

Great Mission however do not plan to be here long as the Mission is quite small. Although this Mission was simply gorgeous!!

- Lupe Jimenez

This place is in the HOOD. Seriously saw a woman (?) taking a poop while standing near a bush across the street. Gas stations appear abandoned but aren't. Lock up your stuff!

- Deanna

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