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San Fernando Cathedral, founded in 1731, is the oldest, continuously functioning religious community in Texas. Teams started race day 3 here at the San Fernando Cathedral! –Race to the Alamo

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Texas hero James Bowie married Ursula de Veramendi in its sanctuary, and Mexican General Santa Anna used the church as a lookout.

- Joel Valdez

Not to be missed when visiting San Antonio. A few blocks off the river walk downtown but worth the afternoon stroll. Don't expect a European Cathedral but you will see art typical of the culture.

- Richard Revilla

Alamo heroes' resting place

- Yuen Kian Chew

San Fernando Cathedral

Very nice church

- Brandon Hayes

Wait to hear the organ... acousics are lovely.

- Jennifer Armitstead

San Fernando Cathedral

Beautiful! The lightshow was great. Mujeres Mercado outside on Saturday night was even better. Def a place to stop by if you're dt.

- Veronica Villegas

proud to be catholic! God bless!

- Joanna

San Fernando Cathedral

Often considered the heart and soul of San Antonio, San Fernando Cathedral has played an integral part of the city's growth.  Built in 1738, its history includes both religious and secular duties.

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Realmente me sorprendió, una arquitectura muy bonita y el interior es limpio, solemne, iluminado cálido. Una iglesia muy linda.

- Erick U. Sánchez Salas

San Fernando Cathedral

Amazing light show on the facade of the cathedral!

- Alexia

San Fernando Cathedral

Try to come here when open. This is worth a stop and a sigt inside and out.

- Maurice Hofmann

Los fines de semana una vez anochece hacen shows de luces

- David Forero

Travis, Bowie, Crockett here #socialdash #maddiempup #fallenheros

- Jake Seela

This cathedral holds the remains of Bowie, Crockett and Travis, three Texas heroes. #socialdash #fallenheroes

- Laurie Gibson

This cathedral holds the remains of three Texas heroes, Bowie, Travis and Crockett.

- Laurie Gibson

This spot is Piatti Eilan approved as one of the most important places to visit while here in San Antonio!

- Piatti Ristorante & Bar

Come by at night for the 20 minute light show that displays the entire history of Texas. Really cool. Neatest thing to see in San Antonio. Not sure on start times but we saw one at 9pm.

- John Hankus

Watch "The Saga" video art - free shows projected on facade 9pm Tues, Fri, Sat and Sun

- Emily Scruggs

San Fernando Cathedral

Stop and reflect for just a bit.

- Partial

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