Kohinoor Restaurant

Kohinoor is a Pakistani/Indian restaurant.  The food is 100% zabihah hallal and always fresh (meaning all the dishes are cooked daily; never leftovers).  It's a family-oriented and clean environment. 

Our specialties are:
Tawa Fish
Tawa Chicken
Tawa Kabab
Tawa Shrimp
Chicken Boti
Beef Boti
Chicken Karahi
Goat Korma

Note:  Tawa and grilled dishes will take some time to prepare.  This is why it is wise to call ahead.

Our Menu Consists of:

Hummus with Naan (5)
Aaloo Bun Kabab (4)
Beef Bun Kabab (4)
Kabab Roll (12.5)
Chicken Boti Roll (12.5)
Aaloo Samosas (4)
Beef Samosas (4)
Chicken Boti (10)
Bihari Kabab (11)
Bihari Chicken (11)
Tawa Kabab (10)
Tawa Chicken (13)
Tawa Fish (14)
Tawa Shrimp (13)
Butter Chicken (11)
Karahi Chicken (10)
Daal (7)
Paalak Paneer (9)
Butter Paneer (10)
Chicken Biryani (10)
White Rice (4)
Naan (1.5)
Paratha (3.5)
Roti (3.5)
Kheer (3)
Kulfi (3)
Gulab Jamun (2.5)

Note: All food is fresh and we will take our time to prepare it. Everything here takes time to prepare. Order with this in mind.
Our menu is always subject to change. There are always extra, random dishes prepared additional to this menu. Ask us what special dishes we are offering on the day you plan to eat from our restaurant. Also, almost everything we offer has a relatively high spice level. There are only a few dishes that we can tone down the spice level on, but, even then, it is still considered spicy. Politely let us know before placing your order if you cannot handle spicy food well and we will see what we can do for you.