Little Italy San Antonio

This is a forum for anyone interested in supporting our progress of the Little Italy San Antonio project,feel free to post ideas and interact with us here.

The Little Italy San Antonio project to be built in Piazza DI Colombo located in front of the Christopher Columbus Italian Society and the San Francesco Di Paola Church downtown San Antonio. This II phase project was unveiled on 10-10-10 during the annual Columbus Celebrations and it's about to TAKE OFF...
Now is the time for all interested parties to come together and get involved in order to get the momentum up and running. The projected completion time frame for Phase I is 2016. Phase I is building the Commercial part of the project; shops, restaurant's, bistros and hopefully a Wine Bar.
Once this is up and running it will fund the 2nd phase which is the residential part of the project;
Il Villaggio Vecchia Italia ... (The Old Italian Village) to be built on the Society's property in the back of the Hall right behind the Church. There will be condos with balconies, fountains and walkways that fits right in with the Mayors plan for 2020.
Just imagine, wouldn't it be lovely to get up in the morning and walk over to the piazza to get your caffè freddo and boscotti then around noon go have your panini and a salad and a little later on have your meatballs and cannoli and end the day with a couple glasses of wine while enjoying the romantic lively secure compound right in the center of town.
Now is the time to plant...I refer to the old Italian proverb...
"All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of yesterday."