Macias Healthcare Clinic

Low Cost Medical Care

No health insurance?
High deductible?
Are you Self-Employed or cannot afford health insurance?
Still having to pay full price at your doctor’s office for labs and visits?
Have a health care Saving Plan?
Need help with WEIGHT LOSS?


At Macias Healthcare Clinic, we believe everyone deserves the same high level of medical care – with or without health insurance. If you’re not currently covered by a health plan and need to pay for services out of pocket, you’ll find that our rates are a lower-cost alternative to the ER, Urgent care clinics and physician’s offices.

Why choose Macias Healthcare Clinic?

• Low Fixed prices for visits, labs and procedures
• Same Day and Next Day Appointments available
• Clinic Hours: 8 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday.
• Labs and injections available Saturdays 9-12

Macias Healthcare Clinic is a new innovative solution to the rising costs of insurance and health care delivery to our community. In our Medical Clinic you and your loved ones can receive medical services at a fraction of the costs!

Pay as you go. When you visit us at MHCC there are no surprises or hidden costs. Our prices are posted at our front desk. You can consult with your dedicated medical provider and decide if you want to undergo a specific medical treatment or test. There are no co-pays or deductibles. No insurance authorization or forms.