Forget those over-the-top, sweaty, gay dance clubs. This San Antonio establishment puts the gay in Pegasus with plenty of swank.

Pegasus still has plenty of room for dancing at the main bar with regular club dance music and this hip San Antonio gay club also offers other rooms for different entertainment. The Flying Horse—how very classic Texas of them—is more of a country area for all the cowboys. For the boys who want to don their leather chaps, The Hawk is the place for them and doubles as a leather shop. What many head to the San Antonio gay bar for is the tropical themed patio out back that offers karaoke every night. The good and the bad—not the ugly—take it upon themselves to entertain the outdoor area with their vocal stylings. It's a good thing the Pegasus is so laid back, otherwise instead of laughing along with some singers they'd be throwing him off stage.

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