Pica Pica Plaza

PicaPica Plaza is San Antonio's unique new Retail, Service and Entertainment center, located in the city's resurgent Southside.

PicaPica Plaza is unique. It's a fun place for families and friends to get together. A place to shop, eat, play, enjoy live entertainment and participate in the rich cultural community spirit.

It is the place for entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses, with affordable, flexible lease space. PicaPica Plaza IS Southside San Antonio and its rich Hispanic heritage with a bold and flamboyant, modern twist. PicaPica celebrates Hispanic culture and strives to empower the Latino community.

PicaPica Plaza is an ‘open-air’ street market, enclosed in a modern, climate-controlled environment. Inspired by Mercados in Latin American, the colorful and energetic hybrid design combines traditional Latino heritage with contemporary cultural influences-- in a family friendly, festive environment.

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