Being located south of the San Antonio International Airport and near Trinity University make Rebar a hot bar and dance club for students and travelers alike. Local San Antonio and touring bands come through Rebar to play great live music and drink at the full bar. For others, the Internet access or the fine Mexican food draws them to the bar. After some dancing, the front or back patios at Rebar are great places to hang out and enjoy the night. The back patio is far more enjoyable, though, because it has a bar and all the amazing drinks that are offered inside. Rebar is a great place to head in San Antonio for the drink specials, live music and a fun atmosphere.


10 p.m. Karaoke with Timo
$2.00 Draft
$3.00 Wells
$3.50 Any Flavor Kazi

10 p.m. DJ THERAPY
$2.25 Domestics
$3.00 Wells

10 p.m. BEER PONG
$2.25 Any Beer
$3.00 Wells
$3.50 U Call It

-Thursday- $10 cover
10 p.m. DJ CJ
$2.25 Dos XX
$3.75 Starf**kers

10 p.m. Henry + The Invisibles and DJ X Boy RD $10 cover
$2.25 Corona, $2.00 16OZ CAN
$3.75 Ultimat

10 p.m. Live band in front bar and DJ in back bar $10 covere
$2.25 DOS XX