Tips for Burger Boy

Burger Boy

Best chocolate milkshake. :)

- Alyssa Infante

Wow.......The absolute best burger I had. Service was awesome quick. Great flavor with all the works. Next time I'm in town that's my burger place!

- Pastor C. Sanders

One of the best burgers I ever tried in this town!! Order the workman special with cheese and ask for grilled jalapeños it has a zing also wash it down with a large big red soda!!!! ^_^

- Rene Martinez

Our first time there with only about 12 places to sit inside, people lined up out the door and the drive through was non stop told me the food had to be good and it was! Highly recommend this place!

- Angie G.

The Working Man special was an awesome deal. Afterwards we found out you could sub your soda for a milkshake. Milkshakes are handmade as well :)

- Manny Vega

Working man special with an orange shake. Can't beat it.

- Patrick H

Bates special

- Kollin Spenrath

get the superman!

- Cassandra

Add cheese. These burgers demand it.

- Julian Cordero

Bates Special *****

- Mark Mendez

Love the Bates Special!

- Melissa Lozano

The working man special is the best, add bacon, cheese n jalapeños.

- T C

Shakes are a must here! They are so filling and almost a full meal on their own. The burgers here are alright, but I've had better.

- Alexander Dunn

Burger Boy

A simple hotdog yet so good! Prices are a real throwback too!

- TX Guardsman

I absolutely love everything about this place

- Bel Galindo

Workingman's Special!

- Dan Ryan

Ask for the secret menu. The have a tipple burger thats not listed!!

- Tessie Bu

No joke: best burger in San Antonio. This is the zen of the hamburger with all components working in harmony... and crinkle fries. :-)

- Dan Garcia

The burgers are awesome!

- Robert R

Gotta get the bacon cheeseburger.

- Antwan Nicholson

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