San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney

Specializing in personal injury law was an easy decision to make. After all, our firm is dedicated to helping people and who better to help than those suffering from painful injuries? Our firm is a one-attorney firm which means that your case is always handled by the same attorney. Each case that we take on receives personal attention and expert legal representation.

Our law firm serves San Antonio and surrounding communities, offering legal services focused on personal injuries, product liability, and civil litigation. The firm’s attorney earned his law degree right here in Texas from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law. Since earning his degree, he established his practice, vowing to pursue justice for the people of his home state. As a lifelong Texan, he understands the character of the Lone Star state and the resilience of its people.

What can you expect from us when you put your trust in our service? You can expect:

Legal expertise
A two-way dialogue
A focus on your concerns and wellbeing
Legal strategies customized to your case – not a cookie cutter approach